07/25/2020 – UPDATE

From all the external pressures – ZOOM reversed its decision to make end-to-end encryption a paid feature. Privacy and Security MUST be the default in technology, not a paid luxury!

ORIGINAL 07/13/2020 POST: This is outrageous. Zoom made significant and commendable strides forward to finally address security flaws in 2020. However, IMO this latest policy change puts them back into the dog house. Zoom just announced that they will NOT offer end to end encryption to users with free accounts, because they want to give the police and FBI access to calls.

If paid subscribers do have end to end encryption this “policy” is a blatant strategy to simply generate revenue.

Sign the petition to tell Zoom: “Keep people safe by implementing default end to end encryption for all video, audio, and text chat.”
Tell Zoom to implement end to end encryption for all users.

“This threatens protesters who are using Zoom to coordinate demonstrations and have confidential discussions about necessary reforms. By giving cops these sensitive conversations, Zoom puts activists at risk. The police can use the information gathered to disrupt protests and even arrest the people involved.”

“As activists demand justice, accountability, and freedom from police violence, Zoom fuels the very police oppression the protesters are fighting against.1

“This is a decisive moment of change. The need for safety both on and offline has never been greater. Now more than ever companies must take action for our security, not expose us to more danger.”

Tell Zoom to keep all users safe.

“Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO, believes limiting encryption to paying customers is necessary because “some people use Zoom for bad purposes.” Not only does Yuan show disturbing bias in drawing a connection between free users and criminals, but he’s making a ridiculous argument. People with bad intentions will just pay to secure their calls, which means there’s literally no reason not to offer end to end encryption to free account holders other than to do law enforcement a favor.2,3

Eric Yuan, CEO Zoom

And while bad actors and corporations pay for safety, users who can’t afford paid accounts will be left vulnerable to cyber-criminals, stalkers, and governments around the world can access calls with full cooperation from Zoom.4

This sets an extremely dangerous precedent. This is what law enforcement wants and why they’re pressuring facebook to not roll out end to end encryption on messenger. By doing this Zoom is reinforcing a dangerous lie that widespread availability of end to end encryption is inherently dangerous, which is just nonsense.5

Tell Zoom to make all users accounts safe and secure with end to end encryption.


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Source: DARK READING: Jai Vijayan

Concerns over the action are sending VPN sales soaring, some vendors say.

The Trump administration’s move to repeal a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule that would have prevented ISPs from selling customer data to third parties has widespread security implications for users and organizations, industry experts warned this week.

The Obama-era FCC rule was to have gone into effect later this year. It would have prevented Internet service providers from collecting and selling data such as a customer’s Web browsing history, location data, and other data related to the user’s online activities without explicit permission.

The White House, FCC chairman Ajit Pai, and others wanted the bill repealed on the grounds that it unfairly favored one set of companies on the Internet over another. The main argument was that the bill would have restricted carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast from collecting and selling data on a user’s online activities, even as Internet giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter were free to do so.

SOURCE: CBInsights 06/18/2016

Healthcare, advertising, sales & marketing, and business intelligence startups using AI technologies received the highest number of deals in 2015 compared to other sub-industries; healthcare is dominating 2016 so far.

In the past year, Google open-sourced its machine learning API tensorflow and Nervana Systems open sourced its deep learning software. Several sub-industries are leveraging the advances in artificial intelligence algorithms, from predicting crop failures in agriculture to intelligent shopping assistants in e-commerce. Continue Reading »

Breakfast Meeting and Presentation

Wednesday, 04/20/2016 8:00 am – 10:30 am


Learn how the psychology of persuasion (POP) is leveraged for good and evil to create moments of mitigation or misery (MOM) in security.

Significant improvements in security technology have made it difficult for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data by solely penetrating computer systems. Social engineering relies on momentary weaknesses in people, and it’s easier to deceive someone than it is to hack into systems. Protecting your company from social engineering attacks requires fluency with ever increasing sophisticated social engineering techniques.

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”
Sun Tzu

Speaker: Michael Fizz

Empowered with the principles of persuasion, white hats can help everyone in an organization create innumerable moments of mitigation (MOM).  More importantly, fluency with the use of principals of persuasion utilized by black hats will empower you to stay ahead of their nefarious intent.

Questions we will answer:

  • What are the six principals of persuasion utilized for good and evil in social engineering?
  • What are your organization’s Moments of Truth (MOT) that result in mitigation and maintained security or breach? 
  • How do you leverage MOM and POP to influence and empower ALL members of your organization and significantly mitigate attacks and reduce risk?


• Breakfast & Networking: 8:00 – 8:30

• Professional Meeting:  8:30 – 10:30

2 CPE’s will be granted for attendance.


When: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 – 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Where: Wolf and Company, 99 High Street, Boston, MA   02110


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