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CALL TO ACTION Repeal of the Tech Tax In Massachusetts.

As posted by MASSTLC’s Tom Hopcroft, President & CEO, MASSTLC

Dear Tech Executives,

There is significant momentum growing behind a repeal of the tech tax and we need your help over the next 24 hours to keep the pressure high as lawmakers contemplate the path forward. 

Last week, I participated with our Legislative leadership in the Governor’s Tech Tax Summit, and can report that our messages are being heard. Today, we applaud Governor Patrick’s leadership as he adds his voice to the call for ending the new tech tax.  This is a critical time for the tech community to demonstrate overwhelming support for repeal as the legislature considers the issue. We need you to make your voice heard now – whether or not you have previously sent a communication.

CALL TO ACTION – Please contact your legislators within the next 24 hours to urge repeal of this tax. You can use our online advocacy tool to send a letter or call them directly. We have uploaded new alert text that you can personalize for your company’s situation. 

Tom Hopcroft, President & CEO, MASSTLC

THANK YOU MASSTLC for spearheading this effort.  Michael

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