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Just like Lucifer, the Dark Net is known by many names with only subtle differences in meaning: the Dark Web, the Digital Underground, and the Deep Web, to name a few. Dark Net sites are difficult to find because they do not show up in normal search engines, but they are accessible through TOR or Tails. At their core these sites are meant to serve one purpose: enable privacy and free speech on the Internet. Unfortunately, they also provide fertile ground for illegal activities, such as selling contraband drugs, firearms, and stolen data, as well as much worse crimes.
When you hear a news story about yet another data breach, you can be confident the stolen data will be available on the Dark Net, on information brokerage sites known as Dark Markets. Some of these Dark Markets trade in stolen data (credit cards, Social Security numbers, personally identifiable information, protected health information, and so forth). Figure 1 below depicts….. READ the full paper


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