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TrendForce: System Product Prices Remain Steady, Branded NAND Flash Manufacturers’ Revenue Rises by 8.8% in 3Q13

According to DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce, the NAND Flash manufacturers’ Q3 revenues have remained on a steady uptrend despite the absence of any obvious upward pricing movements in the third quarter. This is mainly attributable to the limited growth in the NAND Flash vendors’ output as well as the steady rise of smartphone and tablet products, a trend which enabled eMMC and Client SSD contract prices to remain relatively unchanged from Q2. The Q3 revenues of the branded NAND Flash manufacturers, all in all, amount to US$ 6.281 billion, an 8.8% increase compared the previous quarter and a growth of 35% from 3Q12.

Looking specifically at the branded NAND Flash manufacturers’ rankings, Samsung’s revenues have reached US$ 2.413 billion in Q3, which gives it 38.4% of the market and allows it to remain in first place; Toshiba is second on the list with a revenue of approximately US$ 1.812 billion and 28.9% of the market; SK Hynix is third with a revenue of $US 883 million and 14.1% market share; Micron’s revenues arrived at approximately US$ 697 million; Intel is at fifth place with a revenue of US$ 475 million and 7.6% market share.


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